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Janel Gliniecki posted 01-12-2023 01:44 PM
We are struggling with the pre-test feature. While it is great for students to test out of materials they already know, we are having problems with students taking them outside of their class time. For example, we have students take them during other teacher's classes when they have work time or during a study hall when their computers are not monitored. My understanding is that these cannot be locked like assessments; if they are on campus, it will allow them to take it. If they are off-campus it blocks them but not while on campus. 

This has been really hard for us to monitor. Does anyone have any suggestions? We are considering turning this feature off unless something changes and we can control when they take them.
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Beth Taylor

Since the pretest counts as a quiz attempt, could you select the "Quiz Activities Review" under "Teacher Review" in "Edit Options"?  When you check that for every other assessment, it locks it until the teacher unlocks the activity.  We also select the "Require a review for each attempt".  It would be difficult to have to unlock every quiz so we leave it unlocked and weigh the test more since those are monitored.