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Supplemental Product Communities

We support educators' goal of helping each student shine through enriching and engaging programs that enhance learning in literacy, math, Spanish language arts, and social and emotional learning. Beyond our programs, we also know the power of connection and collaboration, which is why we created our Supplemental Product Communities. Within these virtual spaces, customers of our supplemental product suite can directly interact with one another and share valuable insights that help optimize user and student experiences.

Our Supplemental Communities are for customers who use our engaging, age-appropriate programs so students in grades PreK-12 can master skills across subject areas and achieve success, no matter where they are on their learning journey. These Supplemental Product Communities include: Imagine Español, Imagine Language & Literacy, Imagine Lectura, Imagine Math and Math Facts, Imagine MyPath, Imagine Purpose Prep, and Imagine Reading. If you are a user of any of these products, feel free to join the community and start networking with other users today!

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