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  • RE: Dashboard Enrollments


    Thank you so much Stephanie. It would certainly be more intuitive, but now I see it and it does create quite a detailed report. I always have a User Group for my Credit Recovery sessions and am happy to ...

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    I have an Excel button at the top of my Manage Enrollment screen:

  • RE: Dashboard Enrollments


    How do you download the Manage Enrollments screen? I do not see that option anywhere.

  • We are on block schedule, so our students just started their new courses. We had one student in AP Env Sci and he just dropped because he said the quiz questions didn't match the instruction. Has anyone ...

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    @Dana Stibor I'm able to download my Manage Enrollments screen. Could you put those students into a Group and then filter your Manage Enrollments for just that group and download the Excel spreadsheet? ...


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